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The Kalahari Desert A place of solitude and romance...stretching across Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, the 360,000 square miles of vast fossil desert lands make up what is known as the Kalahari Desert.


The name derives from the Tswana word meaning "great thirst". Most of the desert is not considered true desert, due to the amount of rainfall the area receives. Although huge tracts of land provide excellent grazing areas after good rains, there is still a great deal of the desert that remains arid and covered by vast expanses of red sand.

Despite the arid climate and desolate landscape, the Kalahari Desert is dotted with many different species of plant life. The abundant, native acacia trees can be found throughout and various grasses provide sustenance for the desert-adapted wildlife. Remarkable, large nests of weaver birds can be found in the camelthorn trees. Certain exotic fruits in the region include Kiwano fruit and Tsamma melon, or wild watermelon.

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Only a 4 hour drive or a breathtaking 1 hour private charter flight from Windhoek International airport (Hosea Kutako International airport), it offers a typical Kalahari savannah landscape with red dunes and majestic shepherd's and camel thorn trees complimenting the breathtaking surroundings. The ranch covers an area in excess of 37,000 acres, and is located at the corner where three countries meet... Namibia, South Africa and Botswana… right in the heart of the Kalahari Desert. 

A place of beauty and romance alike, governed by "skillful Bushmen and ferocious Kalahari Lions". The Kalahari is a legendary place of solitude, savannah like plains, golden sand dunes and an abundance of wildlife.These sceneries crowned with spectacular sunsets promise every visitor a taste of Africa at its finest. For the professional hunter there is an overwhelming choice of game namely kudu, oryx, eland, springbok, kudu, red hartebeest, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, steenbok, duiker, warthog and more. For the less adventurous the contrasting natural beauty of the area is a feast for the senses. Sunset against the backdrop of camel-thorn trees perched amongst the vivid ochre and red dunes is spectacular!


The private hunting lodge is located close to the Botswana border where one can frequently hear the Kalahari lions roar at night and the area is very secluded . The lodge offers 4 generously sized premium bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. A patio overlooking the Kalahari landscape, a fire pit and small swiming pool which is always a welcome sight for visitors. The pictures speak for themselves!

Hospitality is of paramount importance. Hosts join their guests for meals. Visitors will enjoy the Namibian specialties, served with fresh, home-grown vegetables and salads from the kitchen garden Home-made bread, honey, jam and sausages give visitors a good start to the day. Relaxing conversation during meals with the hosts will be informative and enable visitors to learn more about the country and its people.

At night, reclining beside a roaring campfire set off by the almost tangible silence, one is seduced by the serenity of the semi-arid Kalahari. This unique experience, coupled with the beauty of the natural surroundings and the hospitality of the local folk, makes it the ideal breakaway. Sunrise is equally inspiring as it paints the landscape in soft shades of orange, the dunes reflected against the horizon and the camel-thorn tree line providing a breathtaking view across the almost endless plains with no civilisation in sight. The lodge offers all nature lovers an unforgettable oasis in the wide expanse of the Kalahari Desert.                   


You will find people are truly unique and extremely hospitable people, always intent on making you feel at home and part of the family. Rumor has it that the hospitality in the people in the Kalahari was due to the fact they used to be so far and isolated from society in the old days, hence they found any visitor to their paradise as good and as welcome as rain. A legend and tradition that is upheld to this day by these wonderful people and beautiful country.

The property also has a second comfortble camp with 2 en-suite bedrooms and airconditioning that we normaly use for meat or cull hunters or in the event of a larger group of trophy hunters. See video below.


A hunter’s paradise and wildlife haven, unlike any other hunting area in Southern Africa! Hunting in the Kalahari, is extraordinary and beyond all expectations. The Kalahari Desert is unique and different from any other experience you've every had. It's a desert that's alive and that brings the fullness of life in a special way to you. The wide variety of game adapted to these harsh conditions, thrives and excels in their beauty. With the herds of Oryx, Hartebeest, Springbok, Steenbok, Hartman Zebra or Blesbuck that roam freely across the 40 000 areas, superb trophies can be seen here all year around.   The hunting season opens in February and closes at the end of November, although the best period is from April to September. 

At the end of each hunting day, amidst the companionship of a campfire, you will relive the joys of the day. These times are often the most memorable as we share hunting experiences and stories. Within this Garden of  Eden, the ranch awaits the –hunting or photo – shooting individualists who long for and enjoy the beauty and the stillness of the desert, the waves of the dunes and the changing play of colors with open eyes and ready hearts.