A 12-13 days safari include a permit for a Bongo and one of each of the following species up to 10 animals: Leopard, Hippo, Dwarf Buffalo, Sitatunga, Giant Hog, Yellow Back Duiker, Duiker, River Hog, Small Cats.

      The hunting area is in Bayanga that is located in the Dzanga-Sangha area south west of CAR right on the border of the Cameroon rain forest. 

      The area between the Dzangha park and Ndoki park congo has been sanctuarized by WWF for more than 15 years to protect elephants gorillas and bongo buffalos are hence protected.

      Bayanga has an airstrip with a runway of 1,4kms.  To travel to the hunting area is relatively easy. Clients will need to charter a plane in Bangui or come from Yaounde or from Brazzaville through Ouesso International Airport.  The parks Ndoki and Dzangha through various active conservation programs of the WWF, provides many activities to complement the hunt such as gorilla tracking, fishing tiger fish and nile persh, observation of forest elephants, dugout canoe rides etc.

      We make use of the wooden structure of the Doli lodge as a base camp which is comfortable and clean. The hunting area about 200,000 acres and is bordered by the Ikoumbi River in the South and which streches 30 miles north of the Sangha River. It is home to an abundance of Bongo and other rain forest species.

      Hunts are conducted with dogs, hunting by car and/or by boat along the Sangha River.

      DAY FEES: (See below under Paperwork and more)


      Bongo                                            € 4000

      Leopard/Hippo                            € Request

      Dwarf Forest Buffalo                 € 3000

      Forest Sitatunga                         € 3000

      Giant Forest Hog                         € 2000

      Yellow Back Duiker                       € 1500

      Blue, Peters and Bay Duikers  € 800

      Red River Hog                                 € 1000

      Small Cats                                        € 1000

      NOTE: Only one specie of each animal allowed, wounded animals will be considered harvested and trophy fees will be applicable. Females harvested are double trophy fee. Trophy fees and taxes subject to government modification.


      CAMEROON SAVANNAH- January to April

      Our professional hunter has more than 30 years experience of Central Africa hunting and is also the President of the French Professional Hunters Association ACP.

      Species iavailable are: Lord Derby Eland, Roan, Western Buffalo, lion, Elephant, Western Cob, reedbuck, hartebeest, duikers, oribi, reedbuck, bushbuck, red river hog, whartog, small cats

      The Savannah area is known for abundance of LORD DERBY ELAND and has an outstanding density of what is called group A species, Western Roan and Western Buffalo. Lions and Elephants. Quota are available on request. The remaining game (hartebeest, Oribi, bushbuck, reedbuck, duikers...) is called group B. The hunting permit in Cameroon Savannah allows up to 2A and 4B species.

      The camp is located on the north-east of the Faro river, near the village of Koti Manga less than three hours from Garoua mainly on asphalte road, no charter required, the area is about 200,000 acres. The camp has a splendid view dominating the Savannah, and is made of solid Boukarous (Chalet), around a big Bungalow used as a dining room. Each lodging Boukarou is fully equipped with toilet, wash-basin, hot and cold water shower, 220VAC electricity. Air Condition in rooms, Cuisine is first class, permanent air-conditioning in the dining room. All fly-camps are comfortable and well equipped.

      DAY FEES: (See below under Paperwork and more)


      A. Lord Derby Eland                   € 4000

      A. Western Roan, W Buffalo      € 3000

      B. Western Cobb                           € 1500

      A. Bushbuck                                    € 1000

      B. Duikers Red and Common   € 700

      B. Warthog, Baboon                     € 700

      B. Small Cats                                  € 700

      A. Lion, Elephant                            € On Request

      NOTE: Only one specie of each animal allowed, wounded animals will be considered harvested and trophy fees will be applicable. Females harvested are double trophy fee. Trophy fees and taxes subject to government modification.


      Paper work AND MORE

      Day fees for both areas for 12 to 13day hunt are € 42000 (1 Hunter, 1 PH) with accommodation in Main Camp, or € 29000 (1 Hunter, 1 PH) with accommodation in fly camp, and does not include the following:

      1. Trophy fees + 15% Community Village Tax on Trophy Fees, Dip and Pack and Hunting Permit.
      2. Charter Flights
      3. Visa and gun permit
      4. Drinks in Doly Lodge
      5. Personal expenses, hotels, meals in transit
      6. Hunting permit of € 1500
      7. Dip and pack + Shipment to Paris € 500 per animal + € 200/full skin
      8. Insurance for liability and cancellation, repatriation and bags.
      9. Gratuities
      10. Observer fees @ € 5000

      The hunter can bring up to 2 Guns in Cameroon. The Gun permit and visa are applied in the country of origin at the local Cameroon Embassy or through the booking agent.
      It is highly recommended to check enough time in advance that the number in the gun permit is the same as the one of the gun.
      Also, when the gun permit allows you to bring 50 ammo per gun, bring the exact number that is written on the gun permit not more and not less. Also make sure the rifle is set with the same ammo that will be used during hunting.

      We will assist you with the domestic flight arrangements from Yaounde/Doula to Garoua, hotel if needed in Yaounde/Douala, meet and greet, transfer to hotel and custom assistance in Yaounde/Douala if overnight is necessary, (do not save on this assistance).
      He can also arrange for the visa and gun permit

      Meet and greet in Garoua is included.

      The hunting permit is obtained by the outfitter.
      The hunter must send:
      - Copy of passport
      - 4 identity photos
      - copy of the visa
      - copy of the gun permit (6 copies on landing)
      - medical prescription saying : the hunter is able to hunt in Cameroon.

      • Yellow Fever vaccine is mandatory to present on arrival to Cameroon
      • Malarone treatment or equivalent is highly recommended.
      • Make sure to have liability insurance and repatriation with you. You may be asked to show it.
      • Let the outfitter know in advance if you have medical restriction or food or beverages preferences
      • Make sure to have enough EURO cash on you and not US dollar for gratuities and trophy fees unpaid upfront.

      Local staff and people from villages are happy to receive old clothes from hunters, so think about bringing some if possible.

      Use Dark green clothes, not light. Also shoes to protect ankle and strong soles are recommended. Your feet are the key to your safari
      There is laundry in camp. Your clothes are returned clean in 24 hours, you do not need many sets

      The generator 220 volts works from 6pm to 10pm , sometimes at nap time for air condition. You need all your personal medication, pharmacy, sun creams, eye glasses binoculars, small torch, and any personal belongings you may use.

      Climate in the Cameroon Savannah

      The climate in the Cameroon Savannah is generally warm. Average temperatures range from 90f to 110f. Mornings in the early season can be fairly cool often dropping into the 50f. By mid morning the temperature has warmed up considerably.

      Example of pack list

      - 2 pairs of good walking boots or running shoes (run in). Ground can be uneven so cushioning and ankle support is recommended.
      - 1 pair of sandals or lighweight shoes for the evening around the camp.
      - 4 pairs of good socks
      - 3 pairs of long hunting pants (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
      - 3 pairs of short hunting pants (if you are accustomed to shorts)
      - 3 hunting shirts (Dark Khaki or Olive Green)
      - 1 hunting Jacket - Real-tree type cammo, Dark Khaki or Olive Green
      - 1 warm sweater or jumper
      - 1 light weight waterproof rain jacket
      - Sun Screen, Cap or Hat
      - Casual wear for evenings
      - Personal Camera Equipment, Binoculars, Insect repellent
      - Malaria prophylaxis - as per your Doctors advice
      - Skin so soft by Avon ( for Tetse fly's )


      Military type cammoflage is not permitted in most African countries, but Real-tree types are normally accepted. Laundry is done each day except for the days when you change camp and the day of departure.