Our professional hunter has more than 30 years experience of Central Africa hunting and is also the President of the French Professional Hunters Association ACP.

Species available are: Lord Derby Eland, Roan, Western Buffalo, lion, Elephant, Western Cob, reedbuck, hartebeest, duikers, oribi, reedbuck, bushbuck, red river hog, whartog, small cats

The Savannah area is known for abundance of LORD DERBY ELAND and has an outstanding density of what is called group A species, Western Roan and Western Buffalo. Lions and Elephants. Quota are available on request. The remaining game (hartebeest, Oribi, bushbuck, reedbuck, duikers...) is called group B. The hunting permit in Cameroon Savannah allows up to 2A and 4B species.

The Camp:

The camp is located on the north-east of the Faro river, near the village of Koti Manga less than three hours from Garoua mainly on asphalte road, no charter required, the area is about 200,000 acres. The camp has a splendid view dominating the Savannah, and is made of solid Boukarous (Chalet), around a big Bungalow used as a dining room. Each lodging Boukarou is fully equipped with toilet, wash-basin, hot and cold water shower, 220VAC electricity. Air Condition in rooms, Cuisine is first class, permanent air-conditioning in the dining room. All fly-camps are comfortable and well equipped.


A. Lord Derby Eland                   € 4000

A. Western Roan, W Buffalo      € 3000

B. Western Cobb                           € 1500

A. Bushbuck                                    € 1000

B. Duikers Red and Common   € 700

B. Warthog, Baboon                     € 700

B. Small Cats                                  € 700

A. Lion, Elephant                            € On Request

NOTE: Only one specie of each animal allowed, wounded animals will be considered harvested and trophy fees will be applicable. Females harvested are double trophy fee. Trophy fees and taxes subject to government modification.