Cameroon/Congo Rain Forest


A 12-13 days safari include a permit for a Bongo and one of each of the following species up to 10 animals: Leopard, Hippo, Dwarf Buffalo, Sitatunga, Giant Hog, Yellow Back Duiker, Duiker, River Hog, Small Cats.

The hunting area is in Bayanga that is located in the Dzanga-Sangha area south west of CAR right on the border of the Cameroon rain forest. 

The area between the Dzangha park and Ndoki park congo has been sanctuarized by WWF for more than 15 years to protect elephants gorillas and bongo buffalos are hence protected.

Bayanga has an airstrip with a runway of 1,4kms.  To travel to the hunting area is relatively easy. Clients will need to charter a plane in Bangui or come from Yaounde or from Brazzaville through Ouesso International Airport.  The parks Ndoki and Dzangha through various active conservation programs of the WWF, provides many activities to complement the hunt such as gorilla tracking, fishing tiger fish and nile persh, observation of forest elephants, dugout canoe rides etc.

We make use of the wooden structure of the Doli lodge as a base camp which is comfortable and clean. The hunting area about 200,000 acres and is bordered by the Ikoumbi River in the South and which streches 30 miles north of the Sangha River. It is home to an abundance of Bongo and other rain forest species.

Hunts are conducted with dogs, hunting by car and/or by boat along the Sangha River. / Congo


Bongo                                            € 4000

Leopard/Hippo                            € Request

Dwarf Forest Buffalo                 € 3000

Forest Sitatunga                         € 3000

Giant Forest Hog                         € 2000

Yellow Back Duiker                       € 1500

Blue, Peters and Bay Duikers  € 800

Red River Hog                                 € 1000

Small Cats                                        € 1000

NOTE: Only one specie of each animal allowed, wounded animals will be considered harvested and trophy fees will be applicable. Females harvested are double trophy fee. Trophy fees and taxes subject to government modification.