Cameroon/Congo Rain Forest


We hunt 2 exclusive hunting areas in the Southwestern part of Cameroon. The hunting areas borders the Lobeke National Park for 30 mi and the nearest town is Moulondou - 43 miles away. These concessions are known as one of the best areas for Bongo, Sitatunga. Dwarf Forest Buffalo, Dwarf Elephant, Red River Hogs and Duikers.

There are more than 211 tree species in these areas belonging to 47 different families among which sapeli, iroko, sipo, assamela, azobe and ayous.

The hunting:

Hunting begins in the early morning hours looking for tracks of the specific species you are hunting. Your professional hunter will accompany you with native “Pygmy” trackers and hunting dogs. All-wheel drive double cab vehicles, equipped with necessary tools for the terrain are used.

Morning hunts are normally the best time of day to track and go after Bongo, Sitatunga and Forrest Buffalo. The afternoon hunts are shorter and mainly for Duikers and Possible Red River Hogs. The Forest hunting is exciting with awesome nature scenes .

It is also incredible to see the Pygmy trackers and dogs working. Hunting is mainly on foot and out of blinds near the edge of large clearings.

The Camp:

The hunting camps in the concession is equipped with dining area and special client rooms or tented accomodation for clients. The base camp rooms feature, Single  or double rooms for clients, dinning room and lounge, on-suite showers and toilets, a parking area for vehicles, electric generator , fridges and freezers, skinning shed and staff quarters. The camp staff consists of a cook, waiter, laundry services, drivers and trackers. 

Bring a personal medical kit with: Anti‐malaria tablets, Insect repellent, Head net, Headlamp or flashlight, Books /Movies, Ziploc freezer bags for cameras. You have daily laundry service in the camp.

Rifles and Ammunition: 

Cameroon’s law allows importing two rifles per hunter with a limit of 50 rounds per rifle/shotgun. Depending on the animals to be hunted, we recommend:

A 375 or 416 rifle with detachable scope and open sight. Ammunitions: 30 – soft / 10 – solid. If you prefers do not take your rifle, we have a wide variety of rifles and the ammunition. 

Climate and closing: 

Rain Forest climate is very hot and humid and it often rains. It is very warm in the middle day and the evenings are much cooler with 85% humidity.



A: Bongo                                            € 4000

A: Leopard/Hippo                            € Request

A: Dwarf Forest Buffalo                 € 3000

A: Forest Sitatunga                         € 3000

B: Giant Forest Hog                         € 2000

B: Yellow Back Duiker                       € 1500

B: Blue, Peters and Bay Duikers  € 800

B: Red River Hog                                 € 1000

B: Small Cats                                        € 1000

NOTE: Only 2 A and 4 B species are on licence. Only one each animal allowed, wounded animals will be considered harvested and trophy fees will be applicable. Females harvested are considered trophies in the forrest. Trophy fees and taxes subject to government modification.

Trophy preparation for export include:

Exporting of trophies can be difficult from Cameroon and bad weather conditions combined with often poor logistics can cause a lot of problems. We proud ourselves to have this aspect of your safari well covered by offering you a secured way to export your trophies anywhere in the world. All trophies from Cameroon normally transit first to France where they are shipped all over the world.

Pre-Taxidermy work and export preparation of all trophies including export documents from Cameroon namely trophy permits, Cite’s permits and Veterinary Certificates are provided.

Goods are packed and crated and delivered to Garoua Airport.

Not included:

Custom clearance in France, inspection, storage and shipping cost to final destination.

When confirming your safari with us, we will put you in contact with our broker agent so no time will be wasted when forwarding your trophies to your final destination. A full quote will then be sent to you.

Typical Itinerary:

Based on the most used flights provided by AIR FRANCE (daily flights to DOUALA), and BRUSSELS AIRLINES (5 flights a week)

  • 1st day Arrival in Douala. Meet and greet at the customs arrival lounge at the airport with transportation to the Hotel

  • 2nd day Transfer Hotel to the private airport to take charter to the forest.

  • Hunting for 12 to 13 days.

  • Departure from the camp to Doula with the charter and departure at late night from Douala with international flight.