Lion Hunting

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Males weigh in at around  400 - 500 lbs. Nearly 4 ' at the shoulder and approximately 10 ' from note to tail. Mature lions has very little fear of man, and can be especially dangerous at night. They have exceptional night vision and possess very large talon-like retractable claws, which they use to hold prey while biting down on the throat to suffocate their quarry. The Lioness is somewhat smaller in stature, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in “mean”.  The Lioness is often much more aggressive than the males, as  she does most of the hunting.  A lioness with cubs can be extremely dangerous, and must ne avoided at all times. These large felines prey on virtually all of Africa's species. 

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Baiting method: Bait animals, like Zebra, Hippo , Imapla etc are hunted and used as bail animals. 

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Track and Stalk method: Once you hunt a lion on foot that has no fear of man and in dense vegetation you will get a new perspective of life. On a dangerous game hunt and especially on a lion hunt, it does not take anyone long to understand the drill prior to setting off into the bush. You wil start by heading out on your safari vehicle looking for fresh tracks. The trackers have incredible abilities to spot lion tracks and to actually track the lions.

Once you find tracks, you will investigate the tracks to determine if they are fresh tracks. Your Professional hunter will then have a brief discussion with you and the rest of the hunting party. He will explain the types of lion behaviour when hunted and what you should anticipate during the hunt. He will also make sure you and everyone in the hunting party are aware of perfect shot placement on the lion and that everyone that participates on the hunt knows exactly what is expected from them.

You are tracking fresh tracks and everyone is really focused to track down and stalk the lion. You will be walking at a brisk pace on the tracks of the lion will quickly sense that you are catching up with this magnificent king of beasts and that the lion knows you are getting closer to him. Sometimes the lion will start to walking in circles and sometimes in a figure eight. At this point the hunt becomes extremely dangerous and everyone is on high alert. Even though you are the hunter, you feel as if you are being hunted. The process can sometimes carry on for a couple of hours or sometimes a couple of days. When walking or crawling through really thick brush you realize that the lion can be waiting for you behind any of the surrounding bushes and that following the tracks in this thick brush can sometimes be suicide.

At this point your professional hunter decides if it is too dangerous to pursue the lion in the incredible dense brush. Sometimes you have to abort the hunt and come back the next day to start the tracking again.

Once you spot the lion he will either face you or decide to run off. In the event the lion runs off, you will give chase at a fast pace while staying on the tracks. In most cases the lion will not go to far before he beds down again. In most cases, after 2 or 3 encounters, the lion the lion would bed down to wait for the hunters to get closer. The lion/lioness have now accepted the challenge and it is now at its most dangerous.


You will approach slowly and circle around the lion until you have the wind in your favor and the sun from behind. You will then approach the lion slowly and at about 25-30 yards from the lion position yourself on a clear shot. Your Professional hunter will put up the shooting sticks and instruct you to take aim and wait. As soon as you, your PH and the your back up shot are ready and everyone’s sights are locked on the lion, the PH will tell you to relax, take a deep breath and shoot when ready.  At this point the lion is ready to charge at any minute and has his sights locked on you. Remember shot placement is everything at this point. Adrenalin will be pumping as never before and it is now up to you to lock your scope onto the lion and pull the trigger.

Regardless of where you hit the lion, immediately reload, fire another shot and reload again. The PH and backup shooter will shoot the lion in the event of a dangerous situation should the lion attack. Once you have the lion down, your body will be shaking from excitement and adrenalin! Your dream of hunting a lion in Africa will finally become a reality! We trust that your lion hunt with us will be one of the best hunting experiences of your life!

PS! Prior to the hunt it will be made clear that regardless of who shoots the lion in an attack, it will be considered your trophy lion.

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Heavy grained, soft-nose bullets, using an .300 caliber or larger. Shot placement is most important!

Which country is best suited for your  Lion / Lioness hunt?

  • What can I afford to spend on my lion/lioness hunt?
  • What do I want out of my lion hunt? What combination of hunt? How much time do I have?
  • Is it the experience or the quality of trophy that matters most?
  • Will I be hunting other plains or dangerous game while I am on my lion hunt?
  • Am I going alone or will there be others joining me on my hunting experience? What expectations do they have?

The above questions are not always easy to answer, but at the end of the day, it is a good thing to narrow down the options you have!

South Africa: Kalahari

Track and Stalk Method: The hunting area is approximately five and a half hours drive from Johannesburg International airport or a short 40 minute flight from Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg. The 47,000 acres malaria free concession is located in the Kalahari Desert, next to the Botswana border. The habitat is Kalahari desert/grasslands and features stunning Camel Thorn Acacia trees. The area has an average rainfall of only 16 inches per annum, and hunting area is completely Malaria free! This is home to some of the finest trophy quality Lion and Kudu to be found! Lioness trophy fees are approximately $6,000. Male lion trophy fees start at $18,000 and goes up to $40,000 plus. You would need 5 to 7 days for your hunt. Click for more information

Zimbabwe: South Eastern         Namibia: Caprivi Concession         Zambia: Lower Lupande Valley

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Baiting Method: Lion hunting in large consession areas (400000 acres+) are mainly hunted on the baiting method. The lion hunts requires 21 days and are pretty expensive. Your success rate based on the various area you will be huntig differ and can be anywhere from 50% to 90%.These lion hunts will cost approximately $50,000 an dit is a better idea and more economical if you decide to do a full bag dangerous game hunt. Tags are also very limited.