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Hunting Safari

 Dangerous Game Hunting  Plains Game Hunting

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It is our mission to make your dream come true!! 

Cape to Cairo offers hunting throughout South Africa, NamibiaZimbabwe , Zambia and Tanzania !

For many hunters, an African Safari is the pinnacle of the sport. To track game in the African bush, to stalk one of the Big Five, to watch the sun set over the plains and join fellow hunters around a campfire to swap tales of the day. 

With a variety of private ranches, lodges and vast concession areas available, Cape to Cairo is well positioned to ensure that your specific requirements are addressed. Rest assured your trophy wish list, trophy size, type of accommodation, preferred hunting area, your budget and much more will be considered when planning your trip.

Easy and effective communication channels with pre- and post excursion services are offered. We proud ourselves on the effective procedures we have in place with all of our staff and service providers to make sure we offer you the best experience possible. Safety is one of our top priorities and we plan to return all our clients home safely after having experienced the adventure of a life time along with superb trophies and amazing photography to prove it. Our safaris are always led by experienced Professional Hunters.


Exceptional African trophy hunting adventures…that’s what Cape to Cairo is all about! Our exclusive, tailor-made trophy hunting safaris stretches throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Mozambique. Each of these safaris offers unique opportunities with over 60 species available to hunt legally. Top quality privately owned game ranches and concessions, state of the art Taxidermists and excellent pre-and post excursion services, will ensure that all your expectations are exceeded!

 Watch this YouTube video for a brief introduction to Cape to Cairo hunting!

Rifle and Bow hunting are both offered. We take great pride in what we do and have aligned ourselves with strategic quality Hunting Outfitters and Concession Holders to provide you with the best the industry has to offer. All of our professional hunters are members of the Professional Hunters Associations in the various countries that you plan to hunt with us. They also comply with the strict rules and regulations of these specific organisations. Remember, shot placement is everything, so please bring the gun you are most confident with!

Fair Chase is someting we believe in and we are strong advocates thereof. “Fair chase is defined as pursuit of a free ranging animal or enclosed ranging animal possessed of the natural behavioral inclination to escape from the hunter and be fully free to do so. A sport hunted animal should exist as a naturally interacting individual of a wild sustainable population, located in an area that meets both the spatial (territory and home range) and temporal (food, breeding and basic needs) requirements of the population of which that individual is a member.”

Terrains differ according to the species hunted and vary greatly, from wide open savanna grasslands, semi- desert and desert, rugged mountains, to thick Mopane scrub bushveld and, bamboo patches and seep line palm stretches to natural forests in the higher rainfall areas. All species are obviously not found in one country due to the terrain variety, which results in traveling between different areas or countries, depending on the species wanted.

Accommodation varies, from tented camps with reed fences around them, ranch houses, chalets with thatched roofs to luxurious Safari Lodges. Normally double beds or twin beds in rooms. Flush toilets and hot shower facilities available. Meals vary from ranch style cooking to western world style and consist of vegetables of the season, meat (mutton, beef, game and pork). Fresh drinking water is always available.

Things to consider when researching and booking your safari…

  • Trophy Fees and Day Fees
  • Animal species that you plan to harvest.
  • The Country of hunting.
  • The size and location of the properties you plan to hunt is of utmost importance. You can ask yourself the following questions:
    • Does the property lie within the natural habitat of the species you are after?
    • Does it hold a self sustaining number of huntable species and trophy size animals within the ecologically intact habitat? It is essential to remember that some habitats are more favorable to harvest certain specific species and boasts higher densities of these species, whereas less suitable species may have lower game densities or even absent due to a combination of factors.
  • It is also important to know if the property where you plan to hunt is hunted exclusively by one safari operator and/or by the owner, or whether the hunting rights are sold to a number of operators. Outfitters with a permanent or long term interest in hunting a specific area will usually manage game and trophy quality better.
  • Note that the cheapest trophy fee is not really cheap, if there are no or few mature animals to hunt!
  • A safari is like any other consumable commodity – you usually get what you pay for!